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Retail Space

Retail kiosks are ideal for attracting customers in a buying frame of mind shopping centers up and down the country including airports where people are in a holiday mood and have money to spend. Whatever location you choose you can quickly get in front of thousands of people many who will make quick impulse purchases. We are the best shopping mall leasing agents offering profitable deals.

Retail Merchandising Unit

Retail Merchandising Units, better known as an RMU provide SMEs in particular with a low cost and flexible way to sell to the public in busy shopping centres up and down the country. The agreements are normally short term; discount is available for longer term bookings.

Kiosks & Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs)

Proper planning and management can significantly enhance the profitability of a retail space. Brands ‘n’ Spaces is among the top asset management companies in India. At Brands ‘n’ Spaces, we offer full retail space visibility solutions that can drive increased profits from an existing retail space. By adopting a better inventory control mechanism, we optimize floor space utilization, bringing new possibilities and opportunities for the space owners. We believe in utilizing management analytics in retail space planning to increase sales, minimize costs and optimize profits.

Our retail space solutions suite contains:

  • Complete visibility solutions and management analytics.
  • Superior inventory control and retail space planning.
  • Unified management of space and retailers with retailer performance analysis.
  • Industry forecasts and opportunity analysis based on market trends and industry insights.

Profit optimization strategies by reducing costs and increasing sales.

With our solution suite, we enable clients to make appropriate decisions with our accurate industry forecasts. At Brands ‘n’ Spaces, our professionals enjoy access to better knowledge, resources and advanced technologies to assist clients at every phase of retail space planning and development. We help prioritize goals and actions for a structured retail space development.

Our objective is to provide you with a perfect assortment of services and solutions that can enable you to make profitable business decisions. We incorporate strategies for you to achieve the values of your expected returns. At the same time, you will be able to satisfy the requirements of your valued customers to help increase the operational efficiencies of your retail space. We empower you with the desired information and capabilities to overcome the operational constraints and achieve your intended profit levels more effectively.

At Brands ‘n’ Spaces, we offer strategic planning and tactical solutions that are aimed at optimizing the value and long-term profitability of your retail space.