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Dhinal Bhaxi


From being a successful NRI Financial Business Head to Real Estate Consultant turned founder of Brands ‘n’ Spaces, Mr. Dhinal have come along way. His expertise in Financial management, Concept development, Strategy formulation and ROI calculations took a 360 turn when he successfully leased premises of HDFC bank at two locations. It will be not wrong to say that his contact with NRI clients and their success stories pertaining to Infrastructure development in USA made the slant more grounded towards Realty Sector. One thing led to another, which includes successful completion of construction projection worth 70 Lacs each in a project worth 4 crores. And then working as a Sales strategist for Surat Real Estate and 2nd innings retirement homes. The experiences, situations and strong determination led to the foundation of Brands ‘n’ Spaces.

An individual venturing into business post a successful career has to have a strong determination and a clear vision to do so. On his trip to South Africa, he learnt a quote “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” The quote somehow stayed with Mr. Dhinal, who later imbibed the vision of being a motivation for people having secured jobs but will like to dive into the “Great Risk – Great Reward” stream of Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Dhinal loves what he does and gets the deal done with chosen prospects. His idea of business is to carve a niche of Brands ‘n’ Spaces by providing the best to esteemed clientele thereby benefitting the association. The ‘win-win’ Ideator would love his company to become trusted advisors to all his clients by playing a key role in helping them achieve their respective vision. A start-up enthusiast that he is, he loves to nurture upcoming start-ups. He would love to put his experience of 11years along with the gift of innovative thinking to help their clients step one ladder up by providing creative solutions.

Mr. Dhinal is a multi-facet personality. He is responsible for developing strategy for projects, Financial and sales projection, drafting a Road Map for company and future business plans. He also takes care of recruitment & training part as he clearly wants to establish a research based organisation, focusing more on Brain count then head counts.

Sameer Desai


A name synonymous in Life Insurance sector found interest in entrepreneurship in 2011. At mere age of 25, Mr. Sameer was deemed as youngest Branch Manager across 1300 Branch Units of India, where he handled sales channel Development, networking and day to day management with finesse. This soon paved his way in history of Reliance Life Insurance when he was qualified for trips to Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland, Thailand, Australia and Tashkent.

Infinite accolades winner could not withhold the vision and eventually found his shoots in 2012 by entering in Business dealership of Navneet publication education Tab (E-sense). The thoughts and ideas went on prospering with diversified interest, which made Mr. Sameer start Real Estate Firm in the name of Bhaargavi Realty in 2013. The chords finally struck right and the interest found it roots strong whilst sharing a bond of friendship with Mr.Dhinal, he also found shared interest in the business of Property leasing. This got to the birth of co-founder in 2014.

The believer in the thinking of YOLO (you live only once), Mr. Sameer is passionate about building Brands ‘n’ Spaces as an organisation with a culture which ignites zest of life within Employees & Business partners breaking the monotony of formally led corporate life.

Mr. Sameer loves change. Throughout his life he has thrived for change that brings good, not only to himself but to associated people as well. So when Brands ‘n’ Spaces came his way it just watered a parched root. He happily pounced on the responsibility of bringing modern changes in REALTY SECTOR which will be helpful to all stake holders like Brands, Investors, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Property Developers as well as to GEN-NEXT. He is hands-on at Brands ‘n’ Spaces for Networking, Sales development, and searching for new arenas of business opportunities. Less to say, he has already created a pool of prospects looking for expansion that can be helped and guided by Brands ‘n’ Spaces. Working around with heart instead of the hand of the clock, there is no doubt that Mr.Sameer’s surreal zeal and unmatched perspective of modernization, will make Brands ‘n’ Spaces a well-known BRAND soon.